What is Sounds and Colours?

Sounds and Colours is a website and print publication dedicated to Latin American music and culture, with a particular focus on the South American countries. Through regular articles, news, reviews and audiovisual features we focus on the diverse cultures of Latin American with music, film and the arts at the core of what we do.

What makes Sounds and Colours unique?

Sounds and Colours began in order to promote Latin American culture. We felt that Latin American culture was often shown through a narrow lens, missing much of the diversity that makes it such a rich culture. Our aim from day one has been to show all sides of Latin American culture, especially those that have been under-represented in the past.

Who is behind Sounds and Colours?

Sounds and Colours started in May 2010 by a team devoted to Latin America and its culture.

Editor: Russell Slater (email)

Assistant Editors:
David Bugueño (Santiago)
Danny Concha (London)
Ellen Gordon (Bogotá)
Ed Hart
Nick MacWilliam
Nicholas Nicou (London)
Nuno Veloso

Editorial Enquiries: info@soundsandcolours.com

See our Contributors page to find out more about our contributors.

Can I get involved?

We are always looking for people passionate about Latin American culture to get involved, either through writing articles, columns and news, through editing or arranging content, or via other creative pursuits, such as design, SEO or marketing. If you would like to join the team please read this article for more information on what we’re looking for and then send a brief email to info@soundsandcolours.com saying why you would like to get involved.

How can I contact Sounds and Colours?

General enquiries: info@soundsandcolours.com

Editorial queries: russ@soundsandcolours.com

Advertising enquiries: advertising@soundsandcolours.com

How can I send my music to Sounds and Colours?

We are always interested in hearing new music from Latin America so if you’re in a band or produce music please feel free to send us some of your music. We can’t guarantee that we will listen to it but we will try. You can send your music to info@soundsandcolours.com.

Please bear in mind that we just deal with Latin American music so there really isn’t any point in sending us gypsy jazz music or minimal techno!


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