Online Gaming Market Growth in South America

By - 13 July, 2016

Online gaming market growth in South America is surprising people all over the world. Really, the online casino world in general is managing to expand in all directions internationally, which means that online casino game players are going to have more choice than they ever would have believed previously. The Insta Casino is an established online casino, but it is going to have much more competition in the years to come as a result of online gaming market growth in South America.

Online gaming market growth in South America is obviously not completely consistent across all of the continent. European online gaming market growth was not perfectly consistent either, and North American online gaming market growth has been similarly uneven. South America is much larger than North America or Europe, which is only going to make the entirety of the South American market more complicated. It is important to keep the different cultural relations in perspective as well.

Canada and the United States are more strongly intertwined then some of the different South American countries, and the actions of the United States and Canada are going to influence each other to an unusually large extent, for better or for worse. This will be true for some of the countries within South America, but it is a sufficiently large continent that this will not always be the case. In some cases, Latin American countries might be grouped together whether they are physically on the continent of South America or not. The cultural connections between some of those countries makes their respective growth relevant, and it is useful to consider Latin America as a whole and not just South America from a marketing perspective.

Unsurprisingly, as of 2014, the Latin American country with the largest percentage of the South American digital games market share was Brazil by a fairly wide margin. Brazil has been making a lot of strides economically over the past twenty years or so, and the fact that they could become new leaders in online gaming of all kinds is not a shock. The second country in line in terms of the percentage of the digital games market share in Latin America is Mexico. Argentina is the third in line. These three countries have some of the largest economies in Latin America, so they are probably going to find it that much easier to triumph in the digital gaming market.

Mobile gaming dominates in the Latin American digital gaming market by nearly fifty percent. Online gaming market growth in South America looks like it is going to be primarily concentrated in mobile games, which is just another sign that mobile gaming is dominating the overall gaming market. Social gaming is the second in line on that score, so social gaming really is demonstrating a great deal of growth in these expanding markets. The South American online casinos are going to have great mobile options for everyone involved. Social gaming is only going to become more prevalent as a result of this market growth as well.

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