Sun-Dream merger means more economic growth and fun for Latin America

By - 04 July, 2016

The South African mega gaming company Sun International has recently received approval for a merger with Latin American gaming company Dreams SA. This signals new exciting developments for countries across Latin America. Together Sun International and Dreams SA have a great overall presence in Latin America, with casinos in many countries. Dreams SA brings with them a portfolio including ten casinos in Latin America; four in Lima, Peru and six in various cities in Chile. This will be combined with the portfolio Sun International has amassed throughout Latin America. Their portfolio includes casinos in Chile, Panama and Colombia. The relevance of this merger is that they will now be the biggest casino-gaming company in Latin America.

The casinos in their combined portfolio are well-run and great destinations that will continue to attract tourists to the Latin American region and stimulate the economy further by ensuring sufficient job creation within the industry. Casinos such as the Ocean Sun Casino in Panama is known for its luxury and great views, and is really worth a visit. But if you are more of an introverted person, or simply prefer to play games in the privacy of your own home, no deposit casino games are great because you can play them online whenever is most convenient for your lifestyle and schedule. You also are entitled to some amazing new player welcome bonuses when you sign up. These help increase your odds of winning more!

It is clear that this merger is economically a good thing for Latin America, but there are also some additional advantages of this new business merger. The new company is looking into expanding their reach into Brazil, which has recently become more gaming friendly in its legislation. They also plan to expand further into Peru, and have stated that they also have intentions on exploring their options in Mexico thereafter. This means that citizens of these countries will be able to have fun gaming in their own country! It also has the added benefit of creating more jobs – this is essential in Brazil as they have very high income inequality. The jobs will not only be created within the gaming industry, but there will be a ripple effect of increased employment as other businesses that are tourism dependent will thrive. This means more jobs in restaurants and more opportunities for local people to start their own tourism-related businesses, such as guided tours.

It is a smart move to begin investigating business opportunities in Brazil as the new gaming-friendly legislation means that the market is still emerging and not close to saturation. Even though there has been a slight dip in the economy in some countries, like Chile, the gaming industry has not been affected very much, and the growth the industry is experiencing means that there are good opportunities for advancements and expansion in Latin America in the coming years. The Sun-Dreams alliance is set to achieve great things going forward.

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