Various Artists – Cuatro Suyos

By 11 October, 2019

A beautiful new release from Berlin's Eck Echo exploring Peruvian mythology via some of the best folktronica producers out there. Each of the four tracks on the vinyl - by Dengue Dengue Dengue, QOQEQA & Vitu, Soktaturi and Pawkarmayta - represents a different region of Peru (the record's title "Cuatro Suyos" references these "four regions"), taking inspiration from that region while also nodding to the future. This is a highly-limited release, and will sell out.

Cumbia Cosmonauts and the Radio Africa Band

By 10 July, 2019

On their long-awaited second album Melbourne-based Cumbia Cosmonauts offer up a distinct proposal with cumbia and tropical bass meeting the ancient musical traditions of the West African griots. This album is four years in the making, capturing the sound of synthesizers, kora, animal skin percussion and drum machines forged over a series of acclaimed live performances. Cumbia Cosmonauts' creative force Moses Iten describes the album's sound as "inspired by the afro-futurist vision behind concept recordings produced for Colombian sound system DJs from Rafael Machuca (Cumbia Siglo XX, Myrian Makenwa) in the 1970s, to the champeta of the 1980s and contemporary guarapo music." Released by Hawaii Bonsaï Records.

El Milagro Verde – Orbital Chicha

By 10 July, 2019

Cumbia duo originally from Buenos Aires, but now based in Bolivia. They succeed in pushing electronic cumbia through a Bolivian folk filter, offering a new take on the tried and tested sound. Released by Hawaii Bonsaï Records.

Lee Hodges’ Murga A3 Giclée Print

By 02 February, 2017

Murga is a carnival tradition of music, dance and theatre found in parts of Uruguay and Argentina, especially in Buenos Aires and parts of North and North-east Argentina. Image is printed on to Hahnemuhle Leonardo Canvas paper. The image itself has dimensions of a landscape A3 (297mm x420mm) size. However, the canvas itself is 450mm x 600mm, allowing for the image to fit many different frame sizes.

Various Artists – Cumbia Amazónica (2xLP)

By 10 July, 2019

Hawaii Bonsaï followed up their first electronic cumbia compilation, Cumbia Libertad, by heading deeper into the genre with this double LP celebrating cumbia influenced by the Amazon. It's riotous stuff with tracks by Dengue Dengue Dengue, Montoya, Sidirum, Chakruna, Elegante & La Imperial, Qechuaboi, Rocky Marsiano and others. Released by Hawaii Bonsaï Records.

Various Artists – Cumbia Libertad (2xLP)

By 10 July, 2019

One of the first major collections of electronic cumbia, and still one of the finest. This features hugely-talented producers from across Latin America (including the Brazilian contingent) with Lagartijeando, Tribilin Sound, El Remolón, DJ Nirso, Barrio Lindo, Los Guayabera Sucia, Rafael Aragon and Animal Chuki just some of those to feature. Released by Hawaii Bonsaï Records.

Sonidero City

By 30 August, 2017

Sonidero City – Sound system and DJ Culture in Mexico and Colombia, by Mirjam Wirz “DJs as messengers delivering greetings between friends and communiques between rival gangs: Cumbia-rhythms slowed down to accomodate traditional dance styles. Low tones and ludicrously distorted voices. The Sonidero-culture of Mexico’s neighbourhoods is impossible to ignore.” – Jonathan Fischer on Sonidero City, DU Magazine 819 / 2011 The long-term photographic reportage of Sonidero City is an homage to the sound system culture of Colombia and Mexico. From the 60s until today the cumbia DJs / Sonideros of Mexico City have stood behind their sound systems’ mics, sending music as well as greetings across the capital’s streets. While some stack loudspeakers into massive towers, others stick to a modest set-up, spinning their own LP collections on 70s-era record players. They go by names such as Sonido Sensación Tropical, Sonido África, Sonido La Conga. In contrast, on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, giant flourescent-painted speakers called picó spill afro-colombian champeta music through local communities, where the accompanying dance of choice is called “polishing the belt buckle.” Over the course of three years Swiss photographer Mirjam Wirz visited the living rooms, courtyards and dance events of Mexico City, Monterrey and Barranquilla. The result is her book Sonidero City, a lively visual collection tracing the paths Mexico and Colombia’s sound system culture have forged.

Seismographic Sounds: Visions of a New World

By 22 June, 2017

Seismographic Sounds - Visions of a New World introduces you to a contemporary world of distinct music, sounds and music videos. Scholars, journalists, bloggers and musicians from Bolivia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Switzerland and forty-six other countries discuss artistic expressions that may not make big headlines yet, but anticipate major changes to come. Produced in oftentimes small studios from Jakarta to La Paz, Cape Town to Helsinki, these works experiment with the new possibilities of the Internet age and illuminate new spaces beyond the confines of commercialism, propaganda, and bigotry. They foresee a changing geography of multi-layered modernities, far beyond old ideas of North versus South, West versus East. Discover this through a collage of articles, quotations, photographs and lyrics. Theresa Bayer, Thomas Burkhalter, Hannes Liechti (editors)