Ani Cordero: Recordar

Ani Cordero, a beloved Brooklyn alternative world music singer and drummer has set out to re-make an important group of Latin American classic love and protest songs to tell the stories behind their heroic writers from 1930s-1970s. The album, Recordar, co-produced by the legendary Sergio Dias of Brazil’s Os Mutantes, brings old traditions to new audiences with music from the Nueva Canción movement (Latin American and Iberian folk-inspired and socially-committed music). Recently, Cordero has appeared as drummer and back-up vocalist with Os Mutantes, as a founding member and drummer of Pistolera, and as the front-woman to her bi-lingual art rock band Cordero. This special May Day concert, which is in the same spirit as Recordar will be the world premere of the album. Ani introduces these beautiful, historically momentous songs to a newer generation, as well as raising awareness about the significance of political art in social change.

WHERE: Joe's Pub New York
TICKETS: $15.00