Building Bridges Britain > Bolivia: a dialogue about water and climate change

A unique conference bringing together views, reflections and visions from very different perspectives, cultural, historical, geographical and political. The conference will focus on water as the core of the climate change challenge the world now faces.

How does the global population adapt to the way it has both developed and damaged the planet over centuries ?

How is the global population informed about that evolution, about the choices it now faces and the leaders making those choices, choices which the next generation will inherit ?

Can the global population influence those leaders ? Can those leaders influence each other?

The Lola Almudevar Memorial Fund invites you to step back from your day to day concerns in order to get a new perspective on these complex issues and inform your future action.


Further info: Monica Stoppleman [email protected]

The Lola Almudevar Memorial Fund (LAMF) is a Registered Charity (Registered Charity No: 1142526)

WHERE: Broadway Cinema, Nottingham