Electric Cowbell and Barbes APAP Showcase

For the fourth year, Barbès and Electric Cowbell present a Manhattan showcase timed to coincide with the APAP conference – an annual rite which, every January, brings musicians from around the world to New York. Barbès and Electric Cowbell, have teamed up to bring a particularly exciting roster to the ever more suspect borough of Manhattan.

Electric Cowbell is a Washington, DC/Brooklyn, NY-based record label specializing in boutique vinyl releases but it’s also a multi-faceted agency that specializes in expanding the reach of genre-bending roots-to-the-future music of the world’s peoples and culture through artist management, special event marketing, and music releases. Under the moniker of Multiflora Productions, label head Jim Thomson is currently the resident music programmer at the global dancehall Tropicalia and other venues in the Washgington, DC area. Barbès is a Brooklyn club and record label which just celebrated eleven years of eclectic programming – from classical string quartets to Georgian polyphonies, punky tarentellas and Mongolian rockers.

WHERE: DROM, 85 Avenue A, NYC New York