“Gabinete de Curiosidades” Daniel Malva Exhibition

This is a new exhibition from Brazilian artist Daniel Malva. To be honest we’re not sure what to expect… other than the unexpected.

If you want any clarification on what this exhibition will be like you better not read the blurb, because we don’t think that’ll help either. No problem though, this is still an exhibition worth checking out.

There is the sensation of stumbling upon a Victorian parlour – various specimens greet you, neatly catalogued, as you browse the zoological display. Iridescent beetles, a terrifyingly life-like spider, a toucan, a pelican and a mandrill – all pinned in boxes or propped on stands, carefully preserved, some through taxidermy, others, formaldehyde. However, the dusty cabinets and vitrines of the Victorian collector’s house are replaced with hauntingly intimate photographs, milky and pale. Each creature looks suspended, at once present, yet just out of reach. Other images shock as the eye focuses to find the subject amongst this optical fog. A disembodied hand, a human skull, a whale heart – the border between animal and human is blurred and hard to distinguish. Kristin Hjellegjerde is proud to announce ‘Gabinete de Curiosidades’, a solo exhibition addressing issues of re-categorisation, ecology and biology through photography by Brazilian artist Daniel Malva, running from 30th May – 29th June 2014.

WHERE: Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, 533 Old York Road, London SW18 1TG London