Infinite While it Lasts

Celebrating Vinicius de Moraes’ centennial, Group .BR compiled several of his texts and songs for it’s next production “Infinite While it Lasts”.

The show is a collaborative creation of Andressa Furletti, Debora Balardini and Thiago Felix. The booklet was created from Vinicius’ work and inspired by events that shaped his life. Poetry, chronicles and songs like “The Girl from Ipanema”, “Chega de Saudade”, “Sonnet of Fidelity” as well as lesser-known works of the poet will be used. The group does not intend to tell the story of Vinicius’ life. Instead it will recreate specific moments so the viewer can dive into the poet’s essence. The theater will be transformed into a bar where the audience will be able to experience the world through the eyes of Vinicius. The action revolves around the public that will be able to enjoy Brazilian appetizers and drinks during the performance. The intensity and plurality of Vinicius will be portrayed through physical theater, where the body movement shows feelings on a deeper level.

The music and sounds that surrounded the poet are strong elements in the show serving as a thread throughout the story. Group. BR wants to provide the audience a full sensorial experience, not only visual and auditory but also gustatory by offering appetizers and drinks enjoyed by Vinicius.

WHERE: Nublu, 62 Avenue C New York, NY 10009 New York