Kicking & Screening Soccer Film Festival: Brasil Night

It’s Brasil night at the Kicking & Screening Soccer Film Festival in New York. Here’s what will be happening:

Rise as One: Match for Peace (World Premiere)

USA | Directors: Scott Boggins and Gabriel Spitzer
Running time: 22 mins.

Starring: Ronaldo, Gilberto Silva

The story of how an exhibition match between World Cup champions Brazil and war torn Haiti, helped lift the spirits of the island nation during one of its darkest hours.

Veteran filmmakers Scott Boggins and Gabriel Spitzer, who have a combined 15 Emmy Awards, joined forces to produce and direct the Rise as One documentary series that features exclusive interviews with football legends including FIFA World CupTM Champions Ronaldo and Lilian Thuram. The FOX SPORTS ORIGINALS production premieres Tuesday, March 25 at 8:00 PM ET on FOX Sports 1.

Geronimo’s Promise

Brazil | Director: Luis Menegaz
Running time: 28 mins.

Starring: Adriano Saboya, Nill Marcondes, Carlos H. Garcia

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2014. The final of the soccer World Cup between Brazil and Argentina is about to start. Best friends Bruno and Leandro scored tickets to the game of the century but their car breaks down on the way to the stadium. Succumbing to their destiny, they listen to the game on the car stereo. But hope appears in an unusual form: an Argentine on a scooter with a big teddy bear. Can they reach the match before the final whistle?

PLUS: El Otro Superclasico (Brazil). Short. Director: Santiago Dulce — Boca de Sergipe and River de Sergipe, supporter clubs of Argentina’s two biggest clubs, thrive 4,000km away from Buenos Aires. How were they founded, and which one was first? Did they ever meet in an actual football field? The Other Superclásico exists all over Argentina. Find out where a rivalry has gotten. Running time: 7 mins.

WHERE: Tribeca Cinemas, 54 Varick Street, New York, NY 10013 New York