Luiz Zerbini “Papagaio do Futuro” (Exhibition)

Papagaio do Futuro is the latest exhibition from Brazilian artist Luiz Zerbini at Max Wigram Gallery. The exhibition comprises figurative and abstract paintings, collages and sculpture, which reference the recurrent themes of temporality, memory, and modernity.

Zerbini’s work combines myriad sources, borrowing from the cityscapes of Rio de Janeiro, art history and pop culture. The cacophony of the tropical metropolis verges on the surreal in the large figurative painting, Serrote. Modernist architecture is given a digital makeover in the abstract paintings: pure geometric abstraction is exploded in a pixelated constellation of coloured squares in Fluxo, and acquires depth, breaking through the pictorial surface in a mosaic of windows in Sombra. The grid re-appears in collages of old photographic slides, some hollowed out, some filled with coloured gels, intervening on a collection of memory. This gesture is mirrored in Books, in which thick books devoid of words are stacked in a cube, the outlines of their covers creating a dysmorphic three-dimensional grid. In Zerbini’s work, everything is dislocated: the landscape loses its depth, and the grid gains it.

Zerbini was born in São Paulo, Brazil but lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. He was the subject of the retrospective Amor at MAM RIO, Rio de Janeiro, in 2012, and in 2010 he participated to the 29th Bienal de São Paulo.

WHERE: Max Wigram Gallery, 106 New Bond Street, London W1S 1DN London