Quantic will be presenting a live band for this gig celebrating his new album Magnetica. Expect a great night of Afro/Latin/Dub grooves underpinned by Quantic’s canny production and plenty of special guests. Here’s KOKO’s introduction to the gig:

Lounging funk & soul, Afro-latin-carribean beat, “Electronic Tropicalism” – however you describe it, Quantic’s sound is one unique concotion that has been tagged as having “redefined the boundaries of electronic music” (Urb.com). British born Quantic (Will Holland), meanders between live playing, programming and sampling to create an sensory and cultural journey for the listener – which has much more depth than first meets the ears.

Having spent the last 7 years in Colombia, Magnetica (announced at the end of January) is his first studio album since 2006, so the anticipation has been building for some time. Featuring the likes of Alice Russell, Shinehead, Nidia Góngora, Dereb The Ambassador, Thalma De Freitas and Anibal Velásquez – the new album being released on May 5th in the UK will be bagged quickly by fans.

WHERE: KOKO, 1A Camden High Street, London NW1 7JE London