Samba From Lapa @ DROM

Live, authentic Brazilian music and a very special performance including Sergio Krakowski and Alfredo Del Penho, both featured in the upcoming documentary Lapa: The Heart of Samba. Lapa is a neighborhood in the heart of Rio de Janeiro known for it’s many samba night clubs and for some of Brazil’s best young samba composers. Our event will feature original compositions by many of this community’s musicians as well as traditional samba songs, and will be something like a live show that you might encounter in Lapa.

Featuring acclaimed samba musicians:
Alfredo Del Penho – vocals and 7-string guitar
Sergio Krakowski – pandeiro
Zé Mauricio – percussion
Marcos De Castro – percussion
…also featuring Irene Walsh on vocals

WHERE: DROM, 85 Avenue A, NYC New York