Thursday Till Sunday

Told through the eyes of 10 year old Lucia, Thursday Till Sunday is the story of a broken family’s final journey; a journey to the north of the country, and a journey to separation. Ana and Fernando have promised to take their two children, Lucia and 7 year old Manuel, to show them the beaches of northern Chile. And so they all set off on a journey over the course of a long weekend. Along the way in the back of the car, time is whiled away in playful naivety, Lucia and Manuel longing for the promised beach in eager childlike anticipation. In the front of the car tensions surface, Fernando preoccupied with his own venture to visit the land left to him by his father, whilst all the time Ana is searching for an unknown destination of her own where their issues dissolve. The forced intimacy of the car’s interior set against vast and arid Chilean landscapes reiterates and magnifies the claustrophobic isolation within this poignant tale of innocence and loss.

Here’s our review of the film.

WHERE: COG ARTSpace, 113 Southgate Rd, London, N1 3JS London