Ulises Hadjis @ SOB’s

Venezuelan alt-pop singer/songwriter Ulises Hadjis will be performing in New York at SOB’s alongside the highly-touted Peruvian singer Pamela Rodriguez.

Here is the blurb from the event itself:

Often described as a “music intellectual – with a BA in sociology and an MA in philosophy from the University of Zulia – Hadjis is able to create simple, yet thoughtful and intelligent pop/rock with the inclusion of synthesizers and electronics. His personal reflections are very marked in his lyrics and melodies, which proves his studies in psychoanalysis useful. Hadjis believes that “the subconscious plays a very important role in all artists’ creation process.” His second album Cosas Perdidas was nominated for Best Alternative Music Album, and the first single of the album “Donde Va” was nominated as Best Rock Song, while he himself was nominated as this year’s Best New Artist for the Latin Grammy awards. Peruvian singer/songwriter Pamela Rodriguez covers a wide range of styles in her music such as land fester, Peruvian waltz, zamacueca, the Peruvian jungle’s Cumbi, indie rock and reggae. Though she is a talented musician, Rodriguez is also a committed poet and painter. She began writing poems at seven, painting at twelve, and writing songs at fourteen. Now, at the young age of 28, she has recorded three albums, been nominated as Best New Artist for the 2006 Latin Grammy Awards, and performed around the globe. Her latest album “Reconocer,” reflects personal experiences and tells us about the exile and the freedom, love and maternity, and her constant changes of countries and those sounds between here and there, all while incorporating fresh sounds, indie pop and alternative music influences.

We reviewed Hadjis’ recent – and rather good – album Cosas Perdidas here

WHEN: Sunday November 11th, 6.30pm
WHAT: Ulises Hadjis + Pamela Rodriguez