Que Canchero: New Sounds of Argentina


Que Canchero: New Sounds of Argentina is our tribute to Argentina’s thriving underground music scene, featuring the artists and groups pushing nueva canción, rock, folk and digital cumbia into brand new territories. Working alongside the Argentine record label Concepto Cero it’s a compilation that shows the diversity and creativity of Argentine music at the moment.


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Que Canchero shows not only the thriving music scene in Buenos Aires, but also the best new artists from La Plata, Mendoza, Córdoba, Tucumán and deepest darkest Patagonia. Argentine music has changed a hell of a lot since the days of tango, Mercedes Sosa and rock nacional, and Que Canchero is here to prove it.

From the sublime vocals of Soema Montenegro, Lulacruza and Mariana Päraway to the hypnotic bass of Faauna and Nación Ekeko and indie rock grooves of Mi Amigo Invencible, Los Espíritus and Julio y Agosto, this release shows. We’ve got Lauphan‘s accordion-accented rural blues, Shaman Y Los Pilares de Creación‘s gothic rock and Fémina‘s folk-hop to name just a few more examples, as well as the incredible indigenous synth pop of Juan Namuncurá and folk deconstruction of the rather infamous Alan Courtis (of Reynols fame).

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1. Lauphan – Movimiento
2. Faauna – La Ruleta (Previously Unreleased)
3. Lulacruza – Uno Resuena
4. Mariana Päraway – Marinera
5. Julio y Agosto – Era Tarde
6. Soema Montenegro – Gota de Rocío
7. Santiago Córdoba – Mamila
8. Femina – Buen Viaje
9. Arbolceniza – Arbolceniza
10. Shaman Y Los Pilares de La Creación – Sed
11. Sara Hebe & Ramiro Jota – No Puedo
12. Mi Amigo Invencible – La Danza de Los Principiantes
13. Nación Ekeko – Guarania
14. Los Espíritus – La Crecida
15. Juan Namuncura – Quedate
16. Alan Courtis – Cuero del Alba (Previously Unreleased)