Sentidor – Am_Par_Sis


On Am_Par_Sis Brazilian composer Sentidor has created a diverse and multi-faceted of Brazil’s urban landscape incorporating elements of ambient music, noise, bossa nova, classical, funk carioca and plunderphonics. Amazingly, the album was crafted solely using samples taken from one of bossa nova innovator Tom Jobim’s most loved albums.

On Am_Par_Sis Sentidor uses Tom Jobim’s classic album Passarim as both source material and a conceptual jumping-off point, utilising Jobim’s legacy as a political provocation. It imagines what would happen if Passarim was discovered in a future version of Rio de Janeiro, once the political and social upheavals of the present day have magnified themselves into warfare, leaving the city in ruins. How would Jobim’s record be interpreted by a new generation whose connection with the past and the rest of the world has been cut?

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