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REVIEW Sotomayor – Orígenes

By 05 March, 2020

The rising pop-duo Sotomayor (aka siblings Raul and Paulina [née] Sotomayor) have delivered an ambitious and fulfilling offering to Latinx dance music with their third studio album, Orígenes. The Mexico-City based siblings first made headway as a musical... Read Article

Best Albums of 2019

By 20 December, 2019

It seems apparent that our Best Albums list is getting more geographically diverse each year, with albums from Ecuador and Peru becoming regular staples – this year there are three Ecuadorian albums in our Top 10, which is... Read Article

REVIEW Femina – Perlas y Conchas

By 08 November, 2019

The vast creativity of Argentine musicians has kept them as frontrunners of the Latin American musical avant-garde, noticeably so in the face of the prevailing Latin-pop wave. Their imperishable curiosity has motored recent artists on an inquiry amongst... Read Article

REVIEW Yelfris Valdés – For The Ones…

By 23 October, 2019

Cuban musician Yelfris Valdés has released his first full-length LP, For The Ones…, which sets out to combine his Afro-Cuban heritage and experience as a jazz trumpeter with his more recent interest in electronic music. He has already... Read Article

REVIEW Montoya – Otun

By 04 July, 2019

I write from my go-to café in Merida, Mexico. Ki’ Xocolatl has been a refuge since I discovered their music collection, a virtually complete catalog of Putamayo’s compilation CDs from the discovery days of ‘world music’. But, I... Read Article

REVIEW Romperayo – Que Jue?

By 26 March, 2019

The musical liaisons between the UK and Colombia may not seem obvious at first peek, but curiosity is rewarded by the little anecdotes. Thus we find the legendary tale of The Clash’s Joe Strummer falling in love with... Read Article