10 Tips for Solo Travelling

By - 03 November, 2016

Solo travelling can be extremely relaxing and rewarding. Going on an adventure on your own is a great way to discover yourself and understand better what you want from this life. But it can also be challenging and sometimes a bit scary. To ensure you’ll survive the trip and have a good time, here are 10 essential tips for solo travelling.

1. Plan well

Before you book your tickets and jump on that airplane, plan your trip a bit. You don’t need to have a plan for every single minute of your trips, but you should definitely have some details of where you stay. This can make it easier to ensure other people can reach you in case something goes wrong.

2. Arrive and leave during daylight

If you are a female traveller, it’s especially important to take safety seriously. But in any case, arriving and leaving during the day can make everything just a bit safer and easier. You don’t want to be finding your way through an unfamiliar destination when it’s dark and no one is around.

3. Travel light

When you are travelling on your own, you definitely don’t want to pack up more than you can carry. It’s important to only go for the essentials and test you are able to comfortably drag your bags around.

4. Get the best apps

Your smartphone can be a big help when travelling alone. Depending on the type of coverage at your destination (always check the costs upfront with your provider!), certain travel apps can be a great help. Consider downloading: Citymapper for getting around, Currency to stay on top of your budget, and Google Translate for those tricky situations with the locals. Check out other great travel apps from the Guardian’s recent article.

5.Check up regularly with friends

Don’t go out of the radar during your solo travel, but make sure someone is always aware of your location. Pick a person and check up with them everyday to ensure they can alert help if needed.

6.Stay alert at all times

Don’t get too drunk when you are out on your own and avoid situations that make you feel uncomfortable. Try to get enough rest to ensure you feel rested and alert at all times. If you are afraid, then talk to the local police or the personnel at your hostel or accommodation.

7. Check out for discounts

One major drawback of solo travelling can be the cost. Travelling by yourself means you can’t often share the costs and in some instances end up paying for two. But you can avoid this by being smart with your budgeting. Check out travel comparison sites, as well as travel providers directly for special single person discounts. Don’t forget about exclusive coupon codes offered by Frugaa for ‘early bird’ or ‘last minute’ deals.

8.Pack up entertainment

You will undoubtedly face situations when you feel a bit lonely, even if you wanted to go travelling alone. Therefore, you want to prepare for these moments in advance to ensure they don’t ruin your day or your trip. A book is always a good pick as a travel companion and if you aren’t much of a reader, you can opt for an audiobook instead. You should also consider journaling your trip, as it can be a great help in discovering more about yourself. Don’t be afraid of going on travel tours or even checking out the local cinema if things seem boring!

9. Take copies of important documents

It’s a good idea to have a photocopy of your most important documents and have the originals also as a digital format if possible. Try to ensure you keep the originals separate from the copied version. This will guarantee it’s easier to sort things out in case of theft or loss of your suitcase, for example. Keep important numbers, such as the local consulate, with you to ensure you can instantly call for help if something was to happen.

10. Start conversations with the local

Solo travelling doesn’t mean you need to spend your holiday alone. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation, especially with the local population. Just grab a drink, ask for eating tips at a restaurant, and simply give out a smile and you are sure to meet interesting people during your travel. When you do make friends, don’t forget to stay safe and never accept any dodgy invitations, but arrange meetings in a public place.

The above tips are essential to keep in mind when you are heading out for a trip on your own. Just remember to plan well and to keep an open mind in order to have a good time. Solo travel is an experience of a lifetime and you won’t regret it!

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