Argentina Tops the Charts as the Most Popular Gambling Destination in Latin America

By - 17 October, 2016

Fancy a little song and dance? Flair and flamboyance? Argentina is one of the liveliest and most exciting destinations for casino enthusiasts. And when it comes to mega-casinos, Casino de Tigre is a wunderkind. Located in the heart of Buenos Aires, Trilenium Casino (as it is commonly known) features a full spread of gaming options including Electronic Roulette, hundreds of video slots, multiscreen slots, table games, card games and more. But it’s the all-round entertainment that really dazzles the crowds. Monthly calendars are peppered with fantastic shows (not dissimilar to Las Vegas music shows) including popular entertainers like Roberto Roque, Golden Knights, Fernando Vazquez, Triple B, the 33, Black Dance and scores of special events.

Entertainment without gastronomy is a wasted experience, and the Argentinians know exactly how to satiate your appetite. Among the many exciting options are the Black Bar, the Food Court, Buffet Trilenium and Sieve Resto Bar. All in all, there are 76 gaming tables on the third level of the casino with top titles like Traditional Poker, Craps, Black Jack, Roulette, Baccarat, Poker and more. The high roller favourite, Punto Banco is also available. A dazzling selection of poker cash games with buy ins of $10 – $20 and payouts spiralling into tens of thousands of dollars are available. Turbo rolls during the poker games complement the range of attractions on offer. This South American casino passes the litmus test with industry aficionados from Las Vegas to Macau.

What Makes South American Casinos So Unique?


Gambling is alive and well in Latin America. The continent has 9 countries featuring casinos, and four countries operate pari-mutuel facilities. These include video poker terminals, slots, dog racing and the like. Lottery games are particularly popular on the continent. But it always boils down to Argentina and the many top-tier gambling locales available in the football-crazed nation. One of the most unique aspects of the gambling industry is the low cost of food and peripheral entertainment like song and dance. Unlike Las Vegas which is essentially a commercial paradise designed to charge top dollar for food and beverages, extravaganzas, accommodation and gambling, Latin American casinos have adopted a different approach. This is done in an effort to lure players in so that they can enjoy the overall experience.


The growth in Latin American casinos is unparalleled. In fact, it is second only to Asia with a booming industry. Major developments have been taking place in South America with respect to casinos. Latin American culture is unique in the sense that dance, interaction and passion is deeply intertwined with everything. This is evident in the style and appeal that is such an intractable component of the gambling scene on the continent. You never know if you’ll see the next Shakira or Ricky Martin at your favourite haunt, but there’s always a rising star in the wings!

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