Art is Socially Conscious in Every Way According to Alfredo Jaar

By | 24 August, 2018

Being a reputable artist is not as simple as people may think. It goes beyond the talent that one has to keep broadening their innovative ability. One of the aspects that helps artists to broaden their skills is remaining social at all times. Alfredo Jaar supports the idea that art is socially conscious.

The Chilean artist takes time to catch up on the news every morning to understand what is happening in the world before starting the day. According to him, learning about people and everything that revolves around them makes him a better artist and one who can speak for the weak through his work.

Alfredo’s Projects

Alfredo has over the time created work that revolves around people and the sufferings they go through. In some work, he has shown how people have suffered in war, how the strong oppress the poor through slavery and in other ways. For him, coming up with a message in art calls for going to the ground and getting the real idea.

In the 90s, he spent most of his time trying to understand the genocide in Rwanda. This project raises the questions of why the brutal war had to happen. His work even featured as the cover photos of various news publications of related stories.

In another project, the artist is seen to display the character of U.S.A. as a country full of ethnocentrism. On this artwork, he tried to tell the U.S that they are not the only ones that make America as a continent. He did a billboard, with the line, ‘’This is not America’’ in an attempt to silence the ego of this country while uplifting that of the other countries which constitute the continent.

Alfredo’s Social Perspective

Apart from the two great examples of his work, Alfredo has numerous other projects like ‘’One Million Finnish Passports’’ and ‘’Lights in the City.’’ However, he has not yet accepted to be considered a person with an interest in politics. His concern is to pass a message that art is socially conscious. In other words, people can use art to pass information about people.
Human beings are visual and will get a deeper message when they see it in art. All his projects have worked well in giving the intended message to thousands of people within a short time. In various interviews, Alfredo will be heard mentioning subjects that affect people in all his projects.

Alfredo’s Last Words

He agrees that is a journalist who likes passing the message through art. People and nature oppression is his concern and will always talk about it through art. When asked how he gets all the information right, he says that reading news from around the world in different languages is very informative.

According to him, this allows getting the insights on different tragedies he is following. Sometimes, he has to travel to the site of tragedy to get the concept. He does not cook any ideas, especially on sensitive matters. Understanding the real event and confirmation of information is why he succeeds in his work.

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