Brazilian Wedding Traditions

By | 27 January, 2020

A wedding in Brazil is always a fun, noisy, and quite a joyful event. The local population likes to have fun and therefore does not miss such an opportunity, as it is always fun and brings all sorts of positive emotions even to those who know nothing about their culture.

In the old days, there was such a tradition as “Bumba-Meu-Boi.” Its essence is that a groom had to tame a donkey, as a rule, belonging to the father of a bride. If a groom managed to tame a stubborn animal, this is means that he has proved his strength and resilience. In some regions of the country, this tradition is still preserved.

You can find all of the information that you need about the Bumba-Meu-Boi tradition by reading this fascinating article.

The average age of marriage is 25. Usually, a boy and a girl decide to legalize their relationship only after several years of dating.

The wedding celebration is preceded by engagement. Previously, only close relatives were invited to it. Now the number of invitees to this event is much wider, as all sorts of close friends and relatives can come and enjoy the celebration. Many of them take photos, as the Sussex Wedding Photographer can no doubt attest.

The financial and organizational aspects of a wedding celebration fall on the relatives of a groom and a bride. Most often, a young couple also participates in preparations, but, must of the time, they don’t invest much of their money at all. However, in the old days, the organization of all wedding events completely fell on a bride’s family.

The dress of modern brides in Brazil is a traditional white wedding dress. Often, they are open and light due to the hot weather and climatic conditions of this southern country.

In Brazil, it is customary for a bride to be late for the ceremony for about 10 minutes; this is because a groom should not see her before the ceremony.

When it comes to wedding procession in Brazil, it is customary to decorate the cars with Brazilian flags.

Currently, a wedding ceremony is preceded by compulsory official registration in a local registry office. Only when the newlyweds receive their marriage license, young people go to church. Usually, male and female witnesses are chosen during the ceremony, with three people chosen for each side.

Usually, the Brazilian diocese requires that an application for a wedding should be filed a year before a marriage ceremony.

After a wedding ceremony, the newlyweds and all the guests go to a festive banquet. Tables for guests are marked by the cities from which they came from.

No Brazilian wedding feast is complete without the traditional drink called Caipirinha. Also, Casadinhos cookies are quite popular among the dishes of a traditional Brazilian wedding table. They are surprisingly tasty and they are the hallmark of many Brazilian women.

A wedding celebration in Brazil is unthinkable without loud music, songs, laughter, and wild dances, namely Samba. A wedding continues until late night and is filled with fun, noise and an abundance of colorful costumes.

After an event comes to an end, the newlyweds go to their apartments. At the same time, when going inside an apartment, it is desirable that a groom should be in front of his wife, enter a room first, and do it with his right foot.

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