Curatorship Places Fresh Latin Talent Under The Spotlight

By | 16 May, 2018

Contemporary art conservation in Latin America has never quite received the support it needed and only recently have independent organizations started taking the initiative to plot a course forward. Countries such as Mexico and Chile have long enjoyed archaeological and historical protection, but art conservation is still a fairly foreign notion. Artists such as Oswaldo Guayasamin could have been forever lost, were it not for the efforts of a select few. But conservation is only a small step in improving the artistic landscape. Where the true artistic triumph lies is in art promotion that defies pre-set parameters.

World-Class Curatorship Defines The Way Forward

Art conservation is not a one-man initiative and it takes curators such as Jochen Volz to bring underground artists to the fore. Defying the age-old rules of curatorship, Volz takes those who aren’t afraid to bend the rules a little and use the fierce political and economic landscapes to their benefit and showcase their work in a wildly contested art sphere. Big galleries and archaic practices don’t scare curators like these, as the artist’s message is first and foremost on their list of priorities. When the message speaks to the people, these curators applaud themselves for a job well done.

Putting Money In The Hands Of Those Who Create

Financial difficulties are synonymous with the life of a creative soul and are almost expected. While many accept lowly commissions to pay the bills, there are those artists who are willing to take the next step to get their portfolio off the ground. Financial products from banks and private funding go a long way to help struggling artists launch their careers, but it’s the funds that are installment-free that tend to make the biggest difference in an artists pocket. Iberescena and the Prince Claus Fund are only two of the funds available to Latin American artists who prove their individuality and vision.

Curatorship That Extends Beyond Modern Art

History shapes the way we do things and art is no different. Curator efforts have secured a number of exhibitions that showcase the historical foundation of Latin America. These exhibitions presented across the U.S. provide cultural insight into the world of Latin America and the roots of some of the greatest names in the modern art world.

Without curatorship, artists such as Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera would be lost in time forever. Exhibitions and showcases play a vital role in the formation of a new artist’s career. Artistic roots are a fundamental portion of what makes the collection unique and special.

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