Five Brag-Worthy Things to Do In Peru

By | 12 February, 2020

Tired of popular destinations such as Paris, Madrid, New York, or Honolulu? Looking for a special place in an exotic country that will enrich and imbue your life with new experiences, knowledge, and unforgettable impressions? You’re just bound to visit Peru. This country is rightly considered an unexplored gem of western South America. Though Peru’s attractions have long since been explored by locals and tourists from the neighboring countries, they still remain terra incognita for Europeans and North American travelers. No matter the type of traveler – seasoned and sophisticated or beginner – Peru can suit every taste. So, if you’ve been dreaming of visiting an exotic country for a long time but didn’t know what destination to choose, we highly recommend that you set your sights on Peru. You can visit this magnificent country with your friends or as a sole traveler. Peru is also idea for a romantic vacation, which means it’s high time that you checked the best hookup sites to find a great partner. You’ll want to have someone by your side to share the delight and admiration with. These emotions will be accompanying you throughout the entire trip to the land of the Inca.

Some Interesting Facts About Peru

Peru is a land of contrasts, ancient and modern, indigenous and European. Covering an area of four hundred ninety six thousand two hundred and twenty-five square miles and with a population of over thirty two million people, Peru is one of South America’s most densely populated countries. This country is home to many Andean societies dating from 9000 BC. Peru’s most famous legacies are the remnants of the Nazca and Inca eras. The country was ruled by Spain from the 16th century. Peru finally went on to gain its independence from Spain in 1879. Today the country consists of a multi-ethnic population. But with all that said let’s just take a look at some brag-worthy things to do in Peru.

# 1 Touring Lima

Lima is the capital of Peru, and it’s a beautiful city full of culture and history. The first place you’re just bound to see upon arriving to Lima is Plaza De Armas, which is in the heart of the city. It’s a great place to get a feel for daily life here and see historic buildings, including the cathedral. Just a short ride away from the Plaza De Armas, is the world-renowned Larco Museum, which is home to thousands of pre-Columbian artifacts. The Larco Museum isn’t just a typical museum. They actually allow you to access the storage room, where there are over 40.000 artifacts just in this room alone. And you can’t leave Lima without visiting Miraflores and Parque de la Reserva with its amazing water shows.

# 2 Attending Spiritual Ceremonies

There are a lot of sacred places in Peru. So don’t miss the opportunity to visited at least one of them. We highly recommend that you participate in Pachamama worshiping ceremony. In fact, this ceremony celebrated the connection between the Mother Earth (Pachamama) and humans. You will sit around in circle, inhale fragrant smokes, and chew coca leaves. You’ll be blessed and blown by shamans from San Pedro and eventually succumb to blissful oblivion induced by the rituals.

# 3 Fishing in the Amazon

The Amazon is full and festering of all kinds of stuff under the water. You won’t regret fishing in this mysterious river. You’ll encounter the species you’ve never heard of and never seen, of course. If you’re lucky enough to catch a Tambaqui, Arapaima, or armored catfish, make sure to take a photo of it! If not, don’t get frustrated. You can always catch good old piranha, which will look quite impressive in your vacation photos.

# 4 Sandboarding in Ica

South of Lima, you’ll find the vast deserts of the Ica region where you can go sandboarding and revel in the atmosphere of unrestrained fun. The sight of sand dunes will mesmerize you. In the far off distance, you’ll see the Andes Mountains and realize it’s one of those times in life you just need to pinch yourself to make sure the scenery around you is real.

# 5 Flying Over the Nazca Lines

Another can’t miss trip is a plane ride over the figurative designs in the Nazca desert. You can ponder the origins of these mysterious geoglyphs depicting plants and animals. Scientists agree that the etchings in the desert carry the symbolic, religious significance. Be sure to do some research and familiarize yourself with the most popular version of the Nazca Lines’ origins. If you travel on a small budget and cannot afford cashing out for such a luxury as plane rides, you can still take in the beauty of Nazca Lines from the ground or simply climb the observation tower or nearby hills, which provide a vantage point on the manmade wonders.

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