How to Find Freelance Work in Latin America

By | 24 May, 2019

In recent times, Latin America has grown to be a hub for technology with Medellin and Mexico City be the fastest growing technology economies. Most freelancers have relocated to these cities for adventure, WritingJobs, and in search of new opportunities. Those seeking to venture into freelancing work in Latin America, they should know that there is a pay by making a transition, though through some challenges the effort pays off later.

How to find freelance work in Latin America

1. Pursue a remote job

To realize a smooth transition, take a remote job in the city or town you are moving to. Once you get a job it will be easier to move into the city or town. However, before picking which town to move to, you could travel severally to different towns and studying the local ecosystem. Consider if it is suitable for freelancing work and connect with different people in the freelancing market in the towns. Choose people you can co-work with as you pursue opportunities available.

2. Pick a company with an office in Latin America

Most companies have offices across Latin America with reams working with them across the region. Find companies that interest you and reach out to join the team. These companies offer jobs, although you will earn less than in the US, what you will be taking home will be sufficient for the cost of living. These companies have websites, making it is easy to find hob opportunities both abroad and domestically. Most of these freelance companies look for native English speakers.

3. Connect online with communities

The online community is growing with great resources being shared across the platforms. To connect with others helps freelancers to share on things such as safety, cost of living and internet speed. Some online communities provide a comprehensive list of available co-working and job listing. Online communities are very helpful when considering relocation and the communities are active on social media, especially Facebook being the most active. Join many online communities because they post jobs, there too.

4. Beware of challenges

Moving into towns in Latin America towns comes with challenges too. For individuals working in the country will find it challenging to integrate into the culture and country. It is even harder to get accommodation and visa for independent travelers. The culture shock due to the existence of bureaucracy in the countries could be too much to handle. If as a newbie, you do not understand the process of establishing yourself in these are and no experience with the local languages are challenges too.

Moving to Latin America to find freelancing jobs is a great experience. Learn new languages, meet new people and experience the enticing low-cost living means the move is a good one. If it does not work for you as expected one has an option to move to another city or move back to where they are originally from. It is a low risk that one can take.

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