The Most Inspiring Hispanic Musicians to Follow and Listen To

By | 10 July, 2018

When it comes to Hispanic musicians through history, there is no shortage of artists to enjoy, and while many of them offer great music there are those elite artists that really stand out as inspirations. Whether the artist is known for their own ability to persevere through hard times, has gone through exceptionally rough trials and tribulations in life, or has just really put in their dues, this list of inspiring Hispanic artists is one to take notice of.


It’s hard to think about Selena without having a mix of emotions, from happiness to sadness, her name is able to invoke it all. Selena was born in Texas and was known for her lively Mexican music, sexy style, and dancing. While she was able to grow her fan base in Mexico quickly, it wasn’t until the early 1990s that she became mainstream and won a Grammy. What makes Selena such a tragic artist is the fact she was just starting on her rise to fame when she was fatally shot by the founder of her own fan club.

Gloria Estefan

Gloria Estefan’s life reads more like a movie script filled with all kinds of gut-wrenching heartbreak, hard times, and drama, yet at the same time, it is a story of a woman who just refused to give up. Originally from Havana, Estefan and her family left Cuba and landed in Miami when she was very young.

It wasn’t until 1975 that Gloria became part of a band called “the Miami Latin Boys” and this is also when she met her husband. From there, the band became Miami Sound Machine, which went on to top the charts with all kinds of hits and make history in the process.

Unfortunately, Estefan was involved in a horrific car accident during a tour in the year 1990, leaving her with a broken vertebra in her back. Despite her injury, she was able to recover and then get back to music one year later.


You can’t have a list of inspiring Hispanics without mentioning Santana. His guitar talents are known around the world and he has worked with some of the biggest artists out there, across all kinds of genres. Santana grew up in Mexico where he stared with a violin and then moved on to an electric guitar. His beginnings were modest and eventually, he moved to San Francisco to try to make a living in the music industry.

Santana is an example of an artist that showed true determination to succeed no matter how long it took, and how much work it took.

Allow the Artists to Inspire You

What makes these Hispanic musicians even more powerful is the fact they can inspire others to go out there and chase their own dreams. If you’ve been imaging your own bright future as a musician, why not let their stories speak to you and drive you forward. Companies such as Copycats offer DVD authoring, which allows you to create customized DVDs that you can pass out to producers, other musicians, and of course fans. It’s a great way to start getting noticed.

Whether you’re just looking to enjoy some incredible Latin music, or you’re looking for some inspiration, this list of artists is sure to fit the bill.

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