Latina Photographers You Need To Know

By | 14 March, 2019

Latin America provides the ideal backdrop for a Latina photographer thanks to its expansive range of contrasts in the daily lives of these communities. Latina photographers constantly face the threat of censorship and when there is even the slightest inkling of non-compliance, they face the repercussions. In Mexico alone, around 45 photographers and journalists were killed and many more placed on government watchlists as they dare go where others rarely go. Photographers, like other artists, are in the rare position to find hope in war-torn cities, see beauty where there is none, and capture life in the derelict.

The Colors Of Life With João Farkas

The essence of the Latina communities across the world is how unashamedly they embrace color. One of the most memorable ways to showcase all this color is in the vibrant carnivals so synonymous with the culture. João Farkas manages to capture the anonymity of the masks which create an air of mystery. For João, who has captured many different scenes in a vast range of settings, the Maragojipe carnival is an event that allows him to celebrate with people from all walks of life, where social standing or wealth, color or denomination doesn’t feature.

A Walk In The Desert With Pablo Casado

Argentinian photographer, Pablo Casado has traveled the world for his craft and since he started in the field in 1989, has made significant waves in the industry. Pablo is known for his epic collection of printable images which can be purchased from his online store; CanvasPop asserts that for collectors, these can easily be converted into decorative pieces to showcase the best of his talent. For Pablo, one of the greatest sources of inspiration in his career has to be exciting discoveries in his surrounds. His Desierto exhibition was inspired by the discovery of a dinosaur bone by a laborer in Patagonia and the result is an epic showcase of the marriage of craftsmanship and landscape.

Supper With Friends With Elia Alba

Elia Alba has a unique approach to capturing her subjects and allowing everything that is unique about them to tell its own story to the lens. Possibly some of the most iconic images captured by the photographer are “The Supper Club” collection which showcases a number of artists gathered in an array of settings that give them almost a mythical air. For Elia, the photographs represent an outpouring of creativity into a project that allowed an allegoric interpretation of the narrative.

While photography is at first glance pure art, as all the layers are peeled back it reveals far more about the world than merely just a pretty picture. Social dialogue, political influence, and even economic relevance is captured in a single frame.

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