How To Market A Music Festival In Latin America

By | 12 March, 2019

It is what you hoped for; lights, ambience, music, people cheering and waving their hands, and that feeling of exuberance which is blooming inside of you; that flowing feeling which takes you with it into dreamland. You can get addicted to that feeling; coming from one music festival and hoping for another to take place in your city. You must have heard of prominent music festivals like Esterio Picnic, Lollapalooza, and Rock In Rio attracting an unprecedented number of people each time they are held. Musicians in Latin America are having a bigger market to play for each year as the revenues are increasing for musicians; it is more popular than ever before. People love it when their favorite artists are in town; the level of fan following hits the epitome when people wait in line for days and travel from faraway to get a glimpse of their favorite artists. That is why there is a term for those people i.e. ‘hardcore festies’. If you haven’t been to one in your life, you are missing out on one of the best experiences life has to offer. If you have been to one already, you know what I am talking about. Listening to your favorite artist or any good one for that matter, makes you think that music festivals are the thing to go for. There are event management companies who specialize in handling a music festival; facilitating everything that a festival-goer would want to have with experience. That will include providing great food and a plastic cup in hand with beer filled to the brim.

Facilitating one music festival isn’t enough to make it a successful one. You have to market it successfully to attract a crowd and an active one at that. There are also marketing companies who specialize in undertaking tasks of such kind; being brilliant in their marketing hoodoo, bringing in a lot more people to make the festival worth its excitement. I have seen reputed bands playing to a crowd of fifty people; that takes a toll on the performance of bands as well. Just like a standup comedian, bands need an active crowd; it gives them a motivation to perform even better going all out to make it worth everyone’s time.

In these times, it isn’t easy to market a music festival; you have to go on all limbs to market the music festival successfully, which means sell as much tickets as you can. There are different ways to make that happen; I am pointing out a few here if you are into marketing:

1. Going the Old Way

Go to any music festival and you will find more people are from the younger generation; even from the working class, you will find them to be young ones who are out to have a great time. If you are looking to market it successfully, start out with printing banners and pamphlets; you will have to stick some posters near college campuses and in the canteens if possible. College students are always excited for something new; if you get to enough colleges, you will see that the ticket sales are rising up. You will have to visit colleges that are popular for its trendy culture and crowd. For example, you can stick your posters in Federal University Of Sao Paulo and University of Sao Paulo for a music festival in Sao Paulo; if you target small and create a buzz, you will get enough people attracted from the hype you create. It isn’t easy to design a poster or banner that attracts the young ones’ attention. You have to design it in such a way that looks exclusive and fun; if you are not able to make the students talk among themselves after having a look, there is something wrong with your design. If you are looking for help with writing and designing those, try getting help from experts on websites like TopAssignmentExperts. You only get one chance, so make sure you give the best from your side.

2. Social Media

As always, young ones are the major market on social media. With an increasing purchasing power and varying interests, you could market anything if you do it the right way. In a recent report by Forbes, it was proven that Latin American digital consumers are more active on social media than 65% of digital consumers everywhere else. If you are to empower your old methods with social media targeting, you might hit the jackpot. Even with the competition, social media makes it much easier to market a product. You will have to create a buzz around your festival; that is the most important part if you want to market it successfully. See which artists are coming to your music festival, go out to fan pages on every social media; make a collection of people to target and then create ads or try marketing it organically. If you are able to create a buzz, people will talk about your campaign on social media and it will gain the necessary push to make it successful. This gets complex though, and you will need all the advice you can to create ads and social media writing to help you with it. There are websites like ThanksForTheHelp which will help you with the writings. You will need the right combination of methods to make it a successful campaign.

3. Get A Piece Written

Nothing interests music-lovers more than a genuinely researched and thoughtful article on music; be it coming from a ‘rock-fanatic’ writing on the influence of Jimi Hendrix or a classical enthusiast writing on Mozart. Originality gives a credible voice to the writer. If the musicians coming at the music festival are of pop genre; you can try to write a brilliant article on how pop has evolved and the young stars of today. You can send that article to famous music blogs like Sounds and Colours or Bomb Magazine to be published and even pay local newspapers to feature that article of yours. The problem here is that the article should be brilliantly written for businesses to consider publishing it. You can take help of writing experts on websites like EssayWriter4U or BestOnlineAssignmentHelp to make sure that the article is well-written and researched.

4. Profiles

You must know that the bands coming to your music festival aren’t the legendary names that could attract a huge crowd even with a little bit of marketing. The people you are targeting need to know what your bands are going to be all about; and that needs to be done keeping in mind that there are fans of the band reading the profile too. Write all about your bands and their achievements to interest the reader. You can even publish their full interviews to give a more detailed analysis; you can look at various interviews of Latin American artists published in Sounds And Colours to get an insight on how to conduct and publish a written interview. The profiles should be crafted in a way that gives the potential visitors an insight into who they will be listening to. Fans love it when they get to know their favorite bands on a personal level. If you are having trouble penning down an interesting profile, you can take help of writing businesses like PaperDoers to do so.

5. Sharing Experiences

It is always interesting for the users to have a contest where they have a chance to win something. Marketers realize this need; to create hype around a product; they tend to have a competition for it to make a buzz about the product. As music festival marketers; you can start a competition for users to share their experience of a particular artist or a writing competition on how they perceive music. You can also conduct a competition for Latin American underground artists and set a prize for anyone who wins the competition; underground artists love a chance for their first break, you can very well make it work both ways. Apps like Spotify have made it easier for Latin American underground artists to make a name for themselves. For example, if you are willing to conduct a competition for Latin American underground artists; people will come from afar for the chance. OnlineAssignmentWriting used this tactic to create a competition for students asking them to share their experiences about a difficult time in college. That got a lot of people to their websites. You can go the same way and hold a writing competition. People love to share their experiences; when they see a reward for it, they will surely go for it.

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