Mexican-Themed Games to Drive You Loco in 2018

By | 05 January, 2018

With Christmas and New Year’s behind us, and many long weeks of winter ahead, it’s little wonder why many of us plan on taking a trip to Mexico at this time of the year. But did you know that you can have a taste of Mexico right in your own living room? The right Latin game can spice up your life, whether you play alone or with friends. Here are some Mexican-themed games which will warm the heart right the way through 2018.

Spiñata Grande

Indulging in the world of online slot machines is always a great way to get over those early January blues. Netent’s Spiñate Grande slot will give you loads of fun as you smash some spinning piñatas in the shape of fishes, parrots, donkeys and bulls. Get really good at the piñata bashing, and qualify for the juicy bonus rounds including mini slot reels and free spins.

Expeditions: Conquistador

This conquistador themed video game lets you recreate the colonial-period of Mexico’s history. A combination of role-play and classic city builder, with a touch of choose-your-own-adventure thrown in, Conquistadors will appeal to those who loved the Age of Empires franchise. You get to select the members of your team, as they explore the wild landscapes of Mexico in the 1520’s. The most intriguing aspect of this games – and what sets it apart from others in the niche – is that you get to choose how you will interact with the New World. Will you go for the savage and bloody route of the real-life Conquistador, or will you explore peaceful and co-operative solutions?


If you like video games with beautiful graphics, likeable characters and a Latin soundtrack, then you really need to try Guacamelee, available on the Playstation platform. This Mexican-themed adventure story places you in the role of a farmer named Juan, thrust into the mission of saving El Presidente’s daughter from the clutches of the evil skeleton Carlos Calaca. The visuals are amazing, as you enter the worlds of the living and the dead and enjoy exploring the non-linear open-world. The combat moves are worth learning, as once you master it you will live to see the end of this engrossing story.

Tzolk’in worker placement game

Computer games can be fun, but they still can’t beat the social aspect of a good old board-game played with friends on the kitchen table. The Tzolkin board game is a recent board-game classic, and is based around the mystical 260-day calendar of the Mayan people, known as Tzolk’in. You and your friends will take the role of Mayan priests as you place workers strategically around the board to bring the best harvest. We loved the game because it shows the cyclical flow of time and the benefits of planning actions in advance. Should we harvest crops now, or wait for them to grow a bit more to attain a higher yield? The collaborative nature of Tzolkin was a nice change from the back-stabbing and skulduggery of Monopoly and Cluedo. To make the evening even more special, we enjoyed a shot of tequila between rounds – and we highly recommend you do the same!

Which of these games are you going to play to experience the sounds and colours of Mexico? Let us know in the comments!

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