Move to Latin America Without Leaving Your Home

By | 06 September, 2018

The style of the interior, typical for Latin America, involves the use of the brightest colors, restrained furniture, simple forms, colored and expensive textiles, as well as clay and reed details that can be made even by your own just using a fantasy and knowing how to use a soldering iron.

Looking for Inspiration?

If you are inspired by bright and bold color combinations, decor with cane, pottery and clay, furniture with ethnic patterns, it means that the Latin American style of the interior will help you create the most pleasant and harmonious atmosphere for your home. The use of catchy multi-colored shades in combination with each other is considered one of the national characteristics of Latin America. This includes the combination of violet and blue, green and pink colors. Such a color palette was previously used by Indians in their homes to decorate ceilings and walls. Let’s find out how to implement such design in practice.

Give Furniture a New Look

An important role in the Latin American interior is played by furniture that can be made from cherry, pine or walnut and usually has a simple form, but not a simple content. Such furniture is necessarily adorned with rich ornament and a lot of curls, painted with bright colors. Also, mosaic and ceramic tiles are often used to decorate furniture in the Latin American style.

The Latin American interior can contain oak tables and chairs with thick legs, beds with carved backs, decorated with bright blankets and bedspreads. The living room can be furnished with sofas and armchairs, which are decorated with natural leather. Wicker furniture will also fit.

Niches Instead of Shelves

Niches and high arches are traditional elements of the Latin American interior. The presence of pots, glass bottles and statuettes is required. For the Latin American style, it is worth picking figurines made of ceramics in a traditional multicolored palette. Products with the use of wood carving techniques will also look harmonious. A greater number of small elaborated parts highlight the general idea of stylistics. In general, the interior concept in this style assumes the presence of many small elements, each of which is interesting in itself, and together their set does not create a sense of congestion. By selecting these details correctly, you can create a Latin American style in any apartment or house.

A Few Words About Lighting

Interior in the Latin American style is necessarily light, filled with warmth and the sun of hot countries. That is why the lighting system should be thought through in the most careful way, for this use of multi-level light and various lighting sources.

Such an unusual stylistic innovation in the interior, combining traditional furniture, bright colors, uncomplicated forms, expensive and catchy textiles, constantly attracts the attention of more and more professional designers from around the world. But it’s not necessary to be a designer to create it in your home. Just try to realize your potential yourself!

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