Neymar: Brazil’s On-screen and On-field Star

By | 16 December, 2020

Throughout his professional sporting career, Neymar da Silva Santos Junior has delighted sporting fans across the globe with his free-spirited approach to football. In the eyes of those who have followed his career, the 28-year-old has stepped up to replace Brazil’s former great, Ronaldinho. However, the Paris Saint-Germain attacker is far more than just a standard footballer. In more ways than one, he is an entertainer. Both on and off the field, the Mogi das Cruzes-born winger is a prominent part of local entertainment streams. Let’s take a look at his role in engaging Latin American audiences. 

Brazil’s Poster Boy Is a Crossover Star 

First and foremost, of course, Neymar is a footballer. Not only that, but following his move to the French capital in 2017 for just over £200 million, he cemented his status as the most expensive player of all time. With such a prominent on-field reputation, it’s hardly surprising that off-field opportunities began to arise. 

Regarding the film industry, the 28-year-old’s rise to fame and position as one of the world’s best footballers has opened the door to an array of big-screen possibilities. According to his profile at IMDB, the attacker has starred in 14 different productions, including the television series Money Heist. Within the action show, Neymar plays Monje Joao, a monk, across three episodes, and fans of the show are eager to see his character return. Concerning his other on-screen appearances, the former Barcelona attacker also features in various documentaries, such as Andres Iniesta: The Unexpected Hero and I Am Bolt. It’s further testament to him that, in 2014, he produced his own TV documentary series, Neymar Jr’s Life Outside the Fields. 

The Entertainer of Modern Football 

Throughout its history, Latin American cinema has been full of joy and soul, generating an uplifting sense of belonging. Fundamentally, entertainment is at the heart of the industry. This cultural sense of delighting audiences is evident from Neymar’s style of play on the football field. Although some will claim that he hasn’t lived up to expectations throughout his career, it’s difficult to deny that he plays with a sense of unrivalled freedom. 

Globally, Neymar has struggled to win the hearts of football fans in a similar style to some of his compatriots, such as Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, and Ronaldo. Despite that, he is one of the true entertainers of the modern era. Of course, some will suggest that showmanship should have a limit, but some fans said the same during Ronaldinho’s period. It could be argued that Neymar is at odds with football’s ever-growing professionalism, with entertainment often being mistaken for arrogance.   

Despite the riches of PSG, Neymar hasn’t lost touch with Latin America’s cultural objective to delight spectators across various entertainment streams, even in spite of resulting negativity. The 28-year-old will hope to combine his showmanship with success and spearhead the French champions’ pursuit of the Champions League. As of December 14th, Les Parisiens are priced at 12/1 at football betting to win the European competition in 2020-21.   

An Icon of Latin American Culture 

As touched on above, it’s a testament to the Brazilian’s status that he is no longer seen purely for his on-field contributions. Neymar is a modern-day entertainer who strives to capture the interests of audiences regardless of the form of entertainment. Given his early ventures into cinema, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him turn to the film industry when he decides to hang up his boots. 

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