Perfect Poker Travel to Latin America

By | 26 June, 2020

Poker players are curious folk. They could play from just about anywhere, but many still like to participate in real-life events worldwide. Poker travel is all about the atmosphere and thrill of reading the opponent.

Many players simply like to spice up their travel by playing the game. Whoever said you cannot spend a day at the beach and then show up at the local casino.

Below let’s have a look at some of the poker destinations that give meaning to the “business and pleasure” notion.

Some history

The game dates back to the 19th century. But it wasn’t that popular until two centuries later.

With the emergence of online gambling as a popular and universal way to have fun, the game grew into something bigger. Numerous poker rooms held numerous satellites. Players that had the skills could become famous on top of just filthy rich.

Over the years, a list of destinations formed where tournaments would be regularly conducted. These include Las Vegas (USA), Paradise Island (Bahamas), Monte Carlo (Monaco), Macao (China), and Melbourne (Australia).

Online casinos

Some online casinos these days do offer this game. Tevelegas, a popular Aussie casino, has video poker, but you won’t find any live tables there. So whenever the digital variety is no longer doing it for you, explore the possibility of taking a trip and lacing your pleasure with business, or the other way around.

If you enjoy playing the game and are good at it – traveling is a great touch. Traveling the world and playing is getting more and more popular among players that like to make new memories.

Traveling to Latin America for poker

In Latin American this game has emerged as a popular pastime relatively recently. The global spread of online gambling venues along with the spread of technology made it possible.

The game was also widely popularized by events like the World Series of Poker. Especially with the expansion of the WSOP in 2015, which involved rounds played in Latin America.

How the game got so popular in the region

For years many countries and regions of Latin America could not catch up with the rest of the world. The connection quality was appealing, while mobile gaming was unheard of.

Today Latin America is a young emerging market with excellent broadband coverage. Online casinos are competing like crazy for their share of this market with increasing consumption.

Thanks to the competition, which drove the high prices down, the internet is easy to access for people of different incomes. Along with casino games becoming popular, this game has won its share of the market.

Poker enthusiasm has been on the rise, especially during the Latin American Poker tour that concluded a few years back. Different legs of the tournament were held across the region, with prospective players emerging in the process.

If you are learning the art of this unique game (as you can never truly say you learned it entirely), Latin America is a great destination. You will find numerous land-based casinos across the continent, plus there are quite a few online rooms catering to the needs of customers from the area.

Costa Rica

San José, in Costa Rica, is a great extra for your vacation with dozens of casinos in the area. Whenever you aren’t busy trying to read the opponent, the list of activities is overwhelming. A picnic in front of a waterfall or excellent surfing, picturesque volcanoes, or orchid gardens – the choice is truly amazing.


While strictly speaking not part of Latin America rather than a Caribbean country, this one is a powerful location for fans of the game.

The famous Atlantis casino on Paradise Island hosted the Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure, the well-known tournament. The event was discontinued in 2020, but the casino still stands, welcoming players of every budget and ambition. The nightlife can be compared to that of Las Vegas.


When traveling in the vicinity of Uruguay, make sure to visit Punta Del Este, which is often referred to as St. Tropez of Uruguay. In addition to this being a beach resort, Punta Del Este is also home to luxury hotels, bustling nightclubs, and poker rooms. An often-overlooked destination for a poker holiday, this one is a great pick.

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