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By | 06 April, 2017

For Brazilian expats and lottery lovers, the notion of playing the beloved Mega Sena lottery outside of Brazil was nothing but a dream. The country’s biggest and most popular lottery was restricted to those living in the country… until now.

With online lottery company Lottoland, you can play one of South America’s biggest jackpots wherever you are. Read on to discover more.

Mega Sena has been open to players in Brazil since the early sixties, giving residents the chance to bank some of the biggest jackpots on the continent. The lottery has become a national institution, with millions turning out to play each week.

In 1999, Mega Sena recorded its biggest ever jackpot, paying out R$ 64.9 million to one very lucky customer. The draw format is simple, players choose 6 numbers between 1 and 60, match all 6 and you take home the full prize money.

However, like most lotteries, participation is only open to people currently living in Brazil, meaning expats and non-residents can’t take part in one of the world’s biggest and most famous jackpots.

That was, until Lottoland came along. Thanks to their betting model, you can bet on the outcome of every Mega Sena draw, regardless of your location, and win all the same prizes.

That’s not all, Lottoland have added a couple of extra special features to their Mega Sena jackpot, to give you an enhanced experience. Their Double Jackpot feature always you to double any potential winnings on the next Mega Sena draw with the touch of a button. Plus, you can enable the NumberShield feature, ensuring that you won’t have to share a potential jackpot win with anyone else!

Lottoland have taken the world of lottery by storm, recently being named lottery operator of the year. Their award winning app has also received widespread praise from industry professionals.

By betting through the app you can enjoy Mega Sena wherever you are, via your mobile or tablet. With 5 million happy customers and millions paid out in winnings, Lottoland is the ideal place to play your favourite Brazilian lottery.

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