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By - 21 December, 2016

There is no doubt that football is the most popular event to watch live and on screen in all of South America, and Cristiano Ronaldo is hands down the best player in the world today. While he is a Portuguese native, he plays for the Spanish Club Real Madrid and has a fanatic fan base worldwide. The combination of his international appeal and his very real deeper side brought together an impressive team of film-makers to create a documentary about the famous footballer.

In 2015, Academy Award winner winner Asif Kapadia (Amy) produced an astonishing and intimate look at Portuguese footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo was released worldwide to the delight of football fans, and while it may be a bit of a vanity film, there is no doubt that this incredible player has paid a price to be the best. Often regarded as the best footballer of all time, Ronaldo has won two World Cups and is Portugal’s all-time top goal scorer.

It seems Ronaldo takes some comfort in the blanket of his fame, but similarly, he is never able to escape it. One clip, taken at a baptism, shows the priest performing the ceremony whipping out his cell phone for a quick picture with the player. Another clip shows a fan throwing herself into his arms after breaking from the crowd. While he seems to be assuring that she is okay, she is actually trying to get him to follow her on Twitter.

Ronaldo allowed the cameras into every aspect of his life for the 14 months of the shoot, and while he admits there were moments he may have revealed a bit too much about himself, the Real Madrid forward regrets not a moment of it. As one of Time’s Most Influential People, Ronaldo is certainly a lesson in competitiveness and an inspiration to all football fans.

In addition to being an impressive player, Ronaldo has become one of the highest paid individual athlete brand ambassadors. He not only has his own line of CR7 undergarments and clothing, he proudly represents many other brands. He personally selects each company he signs with based upon his own values, beliefs and interests and he is seen as being very selective of what he will respresent.

His popularity has landed him massive deals with Nike and Adidas, and he is proud to wear their fine lines of clothing and shoes when he plays. He is the brand ambassador for TAG Heuer, and proudly sports their watches whenever in public. He also has a love of poker, with his competitive streak accompanying him from the field to the felt, and signed on as a brand ambassador for PokerStars, one of the largest online poker rooms that also sponsors many worldwide tournament and events.

The film follows Ronaldo inside his personal, playing and professional life, showing all sides of the man who can gracefully manage his fame and popularity yet still feel the burden of having no privacy in the spotlight. Director Anthony Wonke and producer Kapadia successfully capture the lonely life that can come from living the dream that Ronaldo lives.

Ronaldo is now available to order on Amazon.

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