How Do Students Volunteer in Latin America?

By | 22 February, 2019

For a long time I was wondering why people become volunteers? I got my answer after many years passed when I met a man who was a volunteer in Latin America. I gathered a small suitcase and went there soon after having a short conversation with him. Here I share my experiences of volunteering in Latin America. Maybe my revelation will push you to go there and do something socially beneficial as happened to me many years ago.

Before I met that man I didn’t realise that some people live differently: some of them had lost homes because of hurricanes, some of them live in poverty because of political issues, or some children are simply hungry. Animals need help even more than people as they can’t take care of themselves. Latin America offers many volunteering opportunities for students. Here I’m going to shed light on some of them.

Why Could Volunteering in Latin America Be Your Goal?

Latin America is a popular destination among tourists because of its beauty. For a volunteer Latin America offers multiple opportunities in the form of animal protection or teaching children. For example, one can be involved in a turtle saving mission on the Galapagos Islands or work in a Mexican school. In addition, volunteering doesn’t require any special skills except for language because the majority of people there speak Spanish or Portuguese. This is a perfect job for students who are looking to find a vocation. Volunteering is a great summer adventure where one can change the lives of people and animals. Here you can find mentors of custom essay writing services, teachers, doctors or students – all people who are passionate about making changes.

Make Sure You Are Sincerely Interested in Volunteering and Ready to Work

Even if you feel excited after reading the first lines of this article, it is important that you’re not in too much of a hurry and consider the following:

  • Think about your real goals. Making beautiful photos is a great idea, but this is not in the list of activities included in Latin America volunteer programs. What they really need is your active participation in volunteering activities and help.
  • Think what you can offer. Even if you’re not professional in any area, you still can help. Share your talents and skills with project managers so you can apply these skills effectively. For example, you can be useful in assisting in medical clinics or animal kennels.
  • Make sure you’re ready to work hard. Volunteering isn’t a vacation. So, don’t mix these two notions. Making a difference in people’s lives in Latin America isn’t easy. You will need to stay focused and productive many hours during a day.
  • Be ready to merge with another culture. For most people, Latin America will be a totally different cultural environment compared to the one you’re currently in. It’s a good idea to make a shift from the current reality, but don’t forget that you will probably face some challenges as well.
  • Be ready to learn a different language. Most probably, you’re an English-speaking person if you read this article. You will need to learn basic Spanish to be able to communicate effectively. This will make your work and life there much easier.

Before applying for any program as a volunteer South America you should also have in mind the following:

  • Visa issues – search on the internet whether you need a visa to go to Latin America.
  • Travel and living costs – ensure you have enough money to travel and live there.
  • Free time available for volunteering – you will have to commit for some time while volunteering.
  • Project sustainability – make sure the project of your choice is legal.


Volunteering offers multiple opportunities to see the world and make something important. However, you will need to prepare yourself for this trip because volunteering in Latin America will be a big change for you as well. You will probably need to learn another language and communicate with people from another cultural background. This can be challenging. Despite these inconveniences you will never forget the time spent there because this region is unique from many perspectives. This can be a turning point for you or a beginning of your new life. So, go on and try!

About Author

Robert Everett is a blogger who was recently involved in volunteer activities in Latin America. Robert is ready to share his vast experience related to nuances of volunteering. He runs a travel blog as well. Everett’s publications helped thousands of volunteers in Latin America find their vocation.

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