Tini Is On Her Way to Become the Next Latina Superstar

By | 24 February, 2020

Tini Stoessel might be only 22, but she is on the scene for almost a decade. When she 13, she got her first big role, playing the character in Disney series “Violetta,” which had hundreds of episodes. It was one of the most successful teen telenovelas, and a new concept for Disney, which broke the ground for later shows like “Soy Luna” and “Bia.” “Violetta” was the ideal start for Tini (real name Martina) as it made her develop as both an actress and a singer. What followed are tours with her colleagues from the show.

While many successful teen stars disappear from the scene and are struggling to stay in show business (Victoria Justice or Miranda Cosgrove are prime examples), Tini was different. In 2016 she had her solo debut and a successful tour. But what was interesting is that Tini wasn’t the star only in her native Argentina and Latin America – she had a huge fandom in Europe! While it’s traditional for Latina stars to develop a following in Portugal and Spain, young Argentinian was also beloved in countries such are France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Hungary, Germany, Italy, and even the Balkans. Her two shows in Vienna, Austria, were sold for two days in a row, and it was the case in most of her other shows. While she kept singing her old song from “Violetta” days, she also debuted her new songs in English, which helped her relate more to non-Spanish speaking countries around the world. Suddenly, she was the only star of the show and was compared to the popularity of best snapchats at one point.

Still, there are worrying signs in the last couple of years. While she is still doing great in Argentina, her “Quiero Volver” tour looks pretty tame. The biggest problem is her engagement in Europe, as this time, she doesn’t sing in arenas, but in the smaller places, up to 5000 capacity. Also, she drastically reduced the number of concerts and is not even back in Austria, where she was singing for 20.000 people four years ago. What is also different is that Tini is no longer making music in English, except for odd collaboration with other artists. That is what her music less appealing in Europe, and her Hollywood dreams look like they are getting away.

It’s a strange thing to do, as it feels like she is limiting her fans to South America now, even though she claims her goals are still much larger and exciting as different interesting games. Maybe things might change in 2020 since she is planning to release her album, even though it once more looks like she will only have songs in Spanish. She will also have a new TV show for Disney Plus, which will give her a significant boost, even though it will once again be filmed only in her native language. Tini’s potential is tremendous – let’s hope she will know how to use it.

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