Top Party Hotspots in South America

By - 05 November, 2016

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And you certainly won’t be disappointed to know that there are numerous fantastic party destinations in South America as well where you can dance all night long. There is certainly a party happening somewhere in Latin America that will suit your personality. So pack your little black dress and party shoes and head to top party locations where you will find great atmosphere, top quality food, and the latest trendy music.

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

You can party day and night on the beach of this magnificent city. With its beautiful beaches, 24 hour parties and full tilt atmosphere, you can only have great fun in Rio de Janeiro. As soon as you head to its beaches you can easily sense the party aura. The waterfronts are always alive with numerous clubs where you can dance your nights away to the samba beats at any time of the year.

Cali – Colombia

This is one of the hidden little hotspot of Colombia. Cali is the place that stays in a party mode 12 months a year. There is an uncontrolled pursuit of festivity in Cali, where partygoers take nightlife very seriously. Far from being the most relaxed or culturally rich place, Cali has made a reputation for having the salsa dancing across the South American continent. It won’t be surprising if you find spontaneous dance competitions happening in back alleys of Cali, with the elders acting as judge. You won’t need any extra booze to party in this city, as the exhilarating, fiery and fast atmosphere are enough to make you have a great time.

Punta Del Este – Uruguay

The exceedingly rich locals like to call this place ‘Punta’. It has many similarities to Monaco in Europe, with luxurious casinos, a harbour filled with priceless yachts, private parties and beaches filled with bikini-clad ladies. Punta is certainly one of the most expensive region in Uruguay and it is a favourite holiday spot for many rich Brazilians and Argentinians, who enjoy staying at the many seaside resorts. If you’ve got the cash to splash, then La Barra is the place to mingle with the celebrity crowd and party like you own the place.

Mancora – Peru

Mancora is a little town situated on the Northern coast of Peru. This is a boom place that has gained its popularity for its extraordinary surfing area. With more visitors coming to Mancora, there has been an enormous growth in the number of clubs and bar in this town. On each and every night of the week, you can expect to party with loud banging music. This is definitely not the place to be if you are looking for a quiet night out. While you are there, try the pisco sour, a local cocktail with the taste of the country.

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