Top Tips to Find Upcoming Music Festivals in Latin America via Instagram

By | 23 April, 2019

If you live in Latin America, the chances are that you’re already aware of the numerous festivals available. With multiple types of music, there will always be at least one you’ll be interested in, and if you go, it might end up being the best experience of your life.

Finding out about all of them is not always possible, though, and if you’re not constantly keeping your eyes on the news, you might miss something big. So, how do you find out about the upcoming festivals in Latin America through Instagram? Read on to find out!

1. Follow Latin America Locations

Did you know you can follow certain locations in order to see what’s happening at a specific time? Basically, you can either use geotags, which are pictures posted and tagged with a location, after which you can see it on the map. This makes it very easy to track it and see how far away the location is.

Besides, you can also follow hashtags that are related to Latin America and locations in it. When an upcoming festival announces its headliners and posts the festival poster, the page will most likely use hashtags that let people find it.

2. Follow Event Pages

Following event pages is a must if you want to be up to date with whatever takes place in Latin America. There are pages that share information about upcoming events, which will then appear in your newsfeed when you’re casually scrolling. It’s one great way to stay up to date at all times and find something you’re really interested in. Whether you’re from Argentina, Brazil, Mexico or any other Latin American country, there must be event based accounts created for this goal.

In addition, these pages might also hold contests for followers to win festival invitations and even share instructions about where to buy tickets from.

3. Look Up Hashtags

Among all the other uses, hashtags serve as a way for event pages to channel all their content about particular festivals. This way, news about events will show up in your search results if you look them up. Besides, hashtags will bring more likes to a certain post. In return, this helps is show up on other people’s suggestions and will end up attracting even more people. Even if the highest quality likes came from Buzzoid, the chances are that the post will still gain traction anyway.

Latin American countries must have hashtags that are associated with particular music events, and just using the search feature will reveal lots of them. Furthermore, if you search a hashtag yet you don’t find anything you’re interested in at the moment, you can follow the hashtag and, in the future, a, interesting festival announcement might show up in your timeline.

As you can see, social media gives you the benefit of finding things you’re interested in much easier, and Instagram is a good example. Through these tips, you might end up attending some of the coolest Latin American upcoming music festivals.

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