Top Tips for Trading in an Old Mobile Phone in Latin America

By | 16 December, 2020

The mobile phone market is evergreen and remains crowded at all times. Almost all major brands like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, and many others launch new handsets regularly. Cell phone users do not bother much before buying them as they want to explore the new technology and features firsthand.

On average, a mobile phone user changes the handset within 12-18 months. This can lead to the accumulation of old handsets, leaving you wondering what to do with them. You can always opt for trading in an old mobile phone instead of throwing it away. We bring you some helpful tips to trade in your old device for a new one.

What is the best place to trade in old mobile phone

There are several options when it comes to trading in old mobile phones in exchange for new ones. You can do it directly with the manufacturer or your carrier. However, keep in mind that you cannot expect the best prices at these places. There are also specialist buyers of old mobile phones who can offer you better deals. It is essential to do thorough research, especially if you are looking to get the top value for your old device.

How to prepare your old mobile phone for trade in

Here are some useful tips you can follow to sell your handset. It will be particularly valuable for the individuals who are in this for the first time.

  • Inspect the handset

It can be common to have a mobile phone with a broken screen or cracked body. If you belong to the same category, you will, in any case, have the option to trade in a broken mobile phone, but with a lower price. It will qualify under the broken handset category. Bulk buyers of old mobile phones will acknowledge the broken devices as they have their repair centres.

  • Research

Getting the best incentive for your old device will depend on your research. Regardless of whether you find a couple of specialist companies offering a fair value, check once with their rivals too. You may probably get a better deal. Getting some additional money will be useful, particularly if you are buying an expensive handset. The higher the sum you get for your old mobile phone, the lower you should put from your pocket for buying the new one.

  • Factory reset

It is essential to do a factory reset on your handset before selling it. If you don’t do that, you may pass your data to a stranger. Regardless of whether you offer it to bulk buyers or recyclers, they won’t acknowledge a handset that has data on it. Before doing the factory reset, back up all the data of your handset to a secure location so that you can restore it later. You can then securely do the reset and send the gadget to the buyer.

Is it possible to trade in locked mobile phones

You can trade-in locked mobile phones as well, but the sum you will get will be lesser than the one you will get for unlocked ones. The amount for the locked devices depends upon the network linked to the gadget. When sending the gadget for the trade-in, remember to refer that it is a locked handset.

If you have time, you can unlock the handset first before selling it. It will be a better option to get a higher resale value for your handset. Your carrier should have the option to do this within a few days. You would then be able to add another SIM card, backup the data on the handset, and delete the current settings.

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