The Triumphs and Tribulations of Aztec Emperor Montezuma

By | 03 November, 2017

Montezuma, also known as Moctezuma and Moteuccoma, was an emperor of the Aztec Empire born in 1466. Most famous for his renowned conflict with the then Spanish conquistador, Hernan Cortes, Montezuma was the ninth Aztec emperor of Mexico, succeeding his uncle Ahuitizotl in 1502. The Aztecs were at their strongest then and Montezuma, who was the commander of the army, was integral in organising countless expeditions of conquest in order to strengthen the Aztec’s position as the most feared force around. This was done in defiance of tribes who failed to support their cause.

Gods and superior beings were always feared back then and they certainly were feared by the Aztecs. While Montezuma and his kingdom feared the return of the white, bearded god Quetzalcoatl, it was the white, bearded Spanish conquistador who would pose the biggest threat to Montezuma’s reign and it was this conflict which went on to make him a famous emperor who is still talked about today. Cortes had formed alliances with the tribes who were against the Aztecs and after Montezuma’s attempts to buy Cortes off failed, it looked to be the end for Montezuma and his army.

Instead, Montezuma invited Cortes into the capital city, Tenochtitlan, but Cortes was wise to Monetzuma’s plans and took him as prisoner. Montezuma’s apparent surrender to Cortes and his Spanish army lost him the respect of the people who had supported him for many years. The Aztecs turned on Montezuma and made their feelings clear by attacking him with arrows and stones, causing injuries which Montezuma would die of a few days later. However, The Aztecs believed that it was the Spaniards who had caused their emperor’s untimely death and they wiped out most of Cortes’ army as they left Tenochtitlan.

The Aztec’s and their emperors have been popular throughout history and it’s no surprise that a slot game has been developed based on Montezuma and his empire back in 1502. Williams Gaming or WMS as they’re more commonly referred to have developed a 30 win line online video slot on Aztecs with the main focus being Montezuma. There’s plenty of Aztec themed symbols throughout the game to give it a feel of authenticity while there are free spins on offer in the bonus feature; all of which has made it a very popular pastime with customers of online casino operators like Unibet.

WMS do a great job in trying to represent Montezuma as best as possible by looking to incorporate the culture and history of South America into the game. It’s set in a South American jungle with symbols such as an Aztec warrior and princess, pyramids, eagles, ancient golden masks, snake statues, feather caps and dream catchers. The colours used such as gold and the sounds really give the game a South American and Aztec feel to it that is sure to entertain players for a good while, especially if they activate the 10x multiplier as they play. With free spins and bonuses to aim for, it’s a great themed slot that is right at home at all the leading online casino brands.

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