Vape Laws of Latin America

By | 30 April, 2019

Latin America is comprised of 33 countries, all of which hold their own laws about vaping. Some are extremely lax while others are very strict. To help you better act in accordance with the various laws in Latin America, we’re going to break down vaping laws of the most popular countries for tourists to visit:

Costa Rica

Vaping in Costa Rica is seen the same as smoking tobacco. This means that you can vape in all places where smoking is permitted to be used. In addition, you must be of the legal minimum age of 18 to purchase an ABAY vape starter kit, e-liquids, and parts for your custom vape pen.

El Salvador

The laws regarding vaping in El Salvador are fairly relaxed. Vaping is considered legal in many different public places. Even some doctors are issuing medical cards to patients stating that their e-cigs are a smoking cessation aid which their patients need.


Products from vape shops in Panama City and other parts of the country can be used freely as long as it’s for personal use. The laws tend to get more stringent when you try to sell or import e-cigs. It’s a good idea to check with the local airport to see if they will allow your e-cigs to be in your luggage for personal use before packing them.


This country is still on the verge of freely accepting the use of vaping products. Not too many years ago, an American citizen found themselves in prison due to bringing e-liquids into the country. Liquid nicotine, which was once banned in Nicaragua, has since been more permitted.


Watch out trying to bring any e-cig products to Argentina. All e-cigs are illegal throughout the entire country. This includes importing, selling, purchasing, and using any e-cig products. This ban also includes nicotine free e-cigs.


Brazil is another country that you can’t use vaping products in. In fact, their health agency called Anvisa has spoken out against e-cig products. They label these products as tobacco imitation and they’re illegal to possess, sell, buy, or use.


Venezuela is one of those countries that legally says vaping isn’t allowed, but doesn’t necessarily enforce those laws. As it stands, the sale and purchase of e-cigs are illegal to do. However, there are no real reports on people being arrested, citizens or tourists, or vaping in public.


Visiting Peru can be done with all your favorite vaping products. Or, at least the ones that you’re allowed to bring on the flight with you. If you would rather, you can always purchase vaping supplies in the larger cities like Lima. There are no effective laws regarding vaping in the country of Peru.


Columbia recently hosted the American Vape Expo in 2017, so vaping is fine to do in this country. While there are no real laws regarding e-cigs right now, be sure to double check in the future. The Senate enacted a bill in last 2018 to regulate e-cigs similar to tobacco. Only time will tell what the laws surrounding e-cigs are going to be in Colombia.

As you see, vaping laws vary widely depending on the country in question. While there are many countries who still hold lax standards about vaping, times are changing. Many countries are starting to enact laws that make e-cigs seen the same as tobacco under their laws. It’s always a good idea to double check prior to a trip to ensure the laws haven’t recently changed.

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