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By | 28 May, 2019

These days, the contemporary world is opening wide opportunities. The boundaries are getting removed. Even getting visas to the countries which are dream destinations is not as hard as it used to be a decade ago. Tourism is not only a profitable business, but it is also a motivation for many people.

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As the destination, Latin America is not acknowledged as Europe or the USA. The reasons for this are diverse: myths about the countries which are frightening and repelling potential tourists; poor infrastructure within the continent; quite a specific climate. However, despite some possible flaws, this is an unbelievably beautiful continent with plenty of must-see locations.

Top Destinations in Latin America One Shall Visit

1. Machu Picchu in Peru is the city ruins of the fifteenth century. It is located in the mountains and surrounded by fog, as well as by diverse myths and legends. This is an energetic and captivating place where a tourist can feel the history of Peru.

Machu Picchu

2. The islands of Galapagos archipelago are the place which inspired Charles Darwin on his theory of evolution. It consists of 127 islands 97 percent of which are the national preservation park where people cannot live. Impressively, about 200 thousand travelers visit this 3% or area annually. Giant turtles and sea iguanas can be seen there in their natural habitat.

3. The tropics of Amazon are known as the lungs of the Earth. This is the place where more than 16 thousand animal species live. The trees and plants are diverse. One may try him or herself on walking routes of Amazon.

4. The Waterfall of Anghel in Venezuela is no less impressive than Niagara. Its height is about one kilometer. One of the main obstacles is its location in jungles with quite undeveloped infrastructure. Thus, to get there, it is feasible to use air or river means of transport.

5. Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is the brightest city in South America. Festivities, bright carnivals, ocean, beaches, the famous Statue of Jesus Christ – these all are about Rio. Those who want to dive into an endless party shall definitely visit this city.

6. Quito, the capital of Ecuador, is the place where a visitor can admire a true colonial style of architecture and edifices built by Spanish colonists. Besides, the city is surrounded by active volcanoes which make a real threat to its existence.

Indeed, one may earn his or her living without even leaving home. However, experiencing and discovering the world is impossible without arriving at a destination. Latin America is the continent which is not acknowledged by travelers, but it makes these countries more specific. The fewer tourists have visited them, the more preserved and genuine they are. Do not miss the opportunities to dive into a real adventure!

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