We've got a fine assortment of new articles coming at you from across Latin America, with lots of new music, films, art and literature from Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and even Wales(!). I am sure it won't disappoint! Russ
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‘The River Called Me Back’: An Interview With Carolina Caycedo, The Colombian Artist Defending The Rights Of Nature

"I began to understand that the river is a political subject with agency to change the course of events, and with a spirit and with a feeling that becomes an extension of the community that interacts with a river." Colombian multimedia artist Carolina Caycedo’s first solo show ‘Land of Friends’ is currently on at the BALTIC Centre For Contemporary Art and also forms part of a group show, ‘Back to Earth’ at the Serpentine Galleries in London.

Introducing TIMPANA, A Bolivian Folktronica Explosion Of Spirituality And Afro-Andean-Amazonian Rhythms

We're so excited to introduce you all to TIMPANA, the latest addition to our record label. TIMPANA is the project of Bolivian musician and performer Alejandra Lanza, and the first single from her upcoming new album is a belter, a torrent of Afro-Andean-Amazonian rhythms about a young girl meeting her great-grandmother and discovering they are one and the same!

Bomba Estéreo’s Simón Mejía Ventures To The Pacific Coast To Discover Colombia’s Marimba Myths And Traditions

An in-depth chat with Simón Mejía about his new documentary, El Duende, which takes a look at the marimba traditions of Colombia's Pacific Coast, and the role that a part-devil, part-elf has in passing on marimba skills. We also talk about life away from Bomba Estéreo, renewing creativity, and his new remixes EP, which like the documentary, has been made with Palenque Records

The Variegated World Of Carwyn Ellis

A charming interview with Welsh musician Carwyn Ellis, discussing his various Brazilian and other Latin American adventures, as well as sharing a Director's Cut for "Olá!" from his latest Rio 18 album, with a video filmed in and around Portela Samba School in Rio

REVIEW: ‘Dry Ground Burning’: A Dystopian Reflection Of Brazil’s Contemporary Society

With Cimafunk about to perform in London tonight we took a look at an interview we did with him back in 2019, which is when the US started to catch on to him. Since then, his star has but only risen and it's fair to say he's the most talked-about Cuban artist we can think of right now, and undoubtedly Latin America's #1 funkateer. He's playing in London tonight!

Gilberto Gil & Family Bring Their Joy to London on ‘Nós A Gente’ (We The People) Tour

Some thoughts from the joyful show by Gilberto Gil and his extended family (even including his great-granddaughter!) at London's Barbican Centre recently: "Gilberto Gil’s seemingly deep care for the UK’s capital city and this unique opportunity to have so many family members with him on stage made for an unforgettable night – when audience members were part of a loving, joyful and hopeful community. The occasion felt like a party on stage and in the audience, where all surrounding Gilberto Gil praised him with gratitude for his music and existence."

New Sounds Of Chile #7

With a new Chilean constitution set to be approved (or not) on September 4, we take our own country-wide survey of Latin America's narrowest country on our latest edition of New Sounds of Chile.

Lido Pimienta Shares Trailer For ‘Colonialism, Beauty And Feminism’-Themed TV Show, LIDO TV

We get the lowdown from Lido Pimienta on her own new TV series, LIDO TV, that promises to explore "themes of colonialism, beauty, and feminism". Judging by the very-assuming trailer, which features none other than Nelly Furtado, we could be on to a winner!

Building Self-Sufficient Communities In Rio’s Favelas

Part of our environmental coverage, this is a great piece on how the favela community of Vale Encantado in Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro is working on ways of becoming economically and environmentally self-sufficient. They've got some great ideas.

The Complexity At Remembering Chile’s Dictatorship At The Heart Of Nona Fernandez’s ‘Space Invaders’

Chile's collective memory during Pinochet's dictatorship is at the heart of Space Invaders, a new novella from Chilean author Nona Fernandez, translated into English by Natasha Wimmer and published by Daunt Books


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