New Sounds of Chile #7

By 05 August, 2022

As Chile gets ready to vote on either accepting or declining a new political constitution, natural resources, human rights and better regional representation are all on our mind. That’s why we start this new selection of the most recent music coming out of the country with the music of electronic producer Alisú from Valparaíso, and also include music from Antofagasta in the north with the voice of Vlntna B and the head south to the Araucanía region in the hands of L I V.

Diversity is also an important consideration in the new constitution, as well as being a recurrent theme in our selections, with electronic music from Andy, Ochi and Paltamango, hard hitting beats from R.Danska and Marlon Breeze, Tony Getter from Vandal Boogiee and Como Asesinar a Felipes, alternative pop with the ethereal KINETICA, Sweet Pomelo and female singer Alex June.

Alisú – Mirar En El Interior

Andy, Rubio – Cazador

Alisú – TINNITUS (Ochi Remix)

Dulce y Agraz, Martina Lluvias, Mora Lucay, Chini.png – Mirar En El Interior – Entre Las Sombras

Santiago Vodou – FORZA

Premium Banana – Escorpión (Merci & Marco Remix)

Paltamango – Cin-Cin (Clave Cisne)

Vlntna B, KYA – Ella Fuma

D Naiz – Calor

R.Danska, Marlon Breeze – WUAP

Tony Getter – GOD

Como Asesinar A Felipes – III Figura

Nuc, Talobeez – Bad Karma

KINETICA, Andy – Estrellas

Akatumamy – Caramelo

L I V, Cancino – Sin Ti

Kogarashi – tinder

Ladrido Ultrasónico – Amor De Instagram

Sweet Pomelo – Magenta

Alex June – Rio

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