Dominican Republic

REVIEW Azueï – Artybonito

By 22 October, 2021

Now here’s a rather interesting – and important – musical, cultural and even socio-political release. It comes from an island of two troubled republics that have rarely seen eye to eye. Azueï is not just a musical collective... Read Article

REVIEW ‘Bantú Mama’ And The Power Of The Chosen Family

By Fernando G. Herrero 16 October, 2021

Emma is a French-Cameroonian flight attendant who gets caught by the police when she tries to smuggle drugs on a flight from France to the Dominican Republic. She escapes the police car, and still handcuffed, is picked up... Read Article

A Johnny Pacheco Playlist

By 02 March, 2021

Alas poor Johnny, we knew him well… But perhaps we knew the dearly departed Dominican flautist more as a composer and impresario than as a musician in his own right. While arguments will rage about the greatest Nuyorican... Read Article

REVIEW Rita Indiana – Mandinga Times

By 07 January, 2021

An exorcism of manic merengue magic, Rita Indiana has called upon her unique narrative within music and her own way of making literature within it to release Mandinga Times, her first full-length album since 2010’s El Juidero. I... Read Article