Guatemala: water defenders’ 10-year resistance

By Jen Moore 06 May, 2022

The Peaceful Resistance of La Puya in Guatemala continues despite threats and violence. In Central America, as in many other parts of the world today, communities are being thrust into life and death struggles up against powerful interests... Read Article

REVIEW A Postcolonial Retelling of La Llorona

By 24 July, 2021

Jayro Bustamante’s powerful postcolonial supernatural fable unearths the repressed horrors of the Guatemalan conflict through the story of a young Mayan maid who joins the household of a genocidal general

MIXTAPE CON ALMA 20: Alex Hentze

By 01 February, 2021

Antigua Guatemala native Alex Hentze is an electronic musician that tilts more towards sound design than track production. Experimenting with expressionism and articulating moods, tones and colours which navigate a panoply of human emotion, Hentze is interested in... Read Article

5 Great Latin American Films of 2020

By 23 December, 2020

In spite of the barrage of setbacks and postponements that hit the entertainment industry—and ultimately the forced revaluation of the future viability of theatrically-releasing titles in a world ravaged by a pandemic—movies that don’t entirely rely on box... Read Article