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Building self-sufficient communities in Rio’s favelas

By Rosie Thornton 12 August, 2022

The favela community of Vale Encantado in Rio de Janeiro are using a biosystem for sewage treatment and solar panels to make their neighbourhood economically and environmentally self-sufficient, while facing down a long-term threat of eviction.  Nestled in... Read Article

New Sounds of Chile #7

By 05 August, 2022

As Chile gets ready to vote on either accepting or declining a new political constitution, natural resources, human rights and better regional representation are all on our mind. That’s why we start this new selection of the most... Read Article

Under The Influence: Cankita

By 19 July, 2022

Born in Tumaco, Nariño in the Pacific Coast region of Colombia, Juan Carlos Mindinero, aka Cankita, is a well-known figure within the region’s music scene. Staying true to the oral tradition and legacies of the Pacific Coast, Cankita... Read Article