The Variegated World of Carwyn Ellis

By 15 August, 2022

It’s been 16 months since Carwyn Ellis last spoke to us, so the time seemed right for a catch-up. The bilingual singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, radio host, compassionate humanitarian and avid record collector has been as busy as ever in... Read Article

New Sounds of Chile #7

By 05 August, 2022

As Chile gets ready to vote on either accepting or declining a new political constitution, natural resources, human rights and better regional representation are all on our mind. That’s why we start this new selection of the most... Read Article



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Building Self-Sufficient Communities in Rio’s Favelas

By Rosie Thornton 12 August, 2022

The favela community of Vale Encantado in Rio de Janeiro are using a biosystem for sewage treatment and solar panels to make their neighbourhood economically and environmentally self-sufficient, while facing down a long-term threat of eviction.  Nestled in... Read Article

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