Venezuela: gold mining fuels malaria epidemic

By Marielba Núñez 24 June, 2022

How mining, poverty and environmental destruction deepen a health crisis. The Troncal 10 is a road full of huge pot-holes and obstacles that constantly threaten to destroy cars that venture onto it. This ‘trunk road’ leads to Tumeremo,... Read Article

Best Compilations of 2021

By 20 January, 2022

Complementing our Best Albums of 2021 article here is our list of the best compilations, as voted for by our writers. As opposed to our Best Albums list, which is confined to new music, this one highlights some... Read Article

MIXTAPE RARO 15: Alex Figueira

By 28 May, 2021

Alex Figueira is a Venezuelan-Portuguese musician, producer, DJ and record collector based in Amsterdam, known in independent music circuits as “the hardest working man in Tropical music”. It’s no hyperbole; Figueira is the founder of tropical psych-punk outfit... Read Article