MIXTAPE DANZ ON 17: El Dragón Criollo

By 02 April, 2021

Coming from the capital of salsa, Cali’s El Dragón Criollo keeps rhythm in his blood, though living now in Geneva. The Pacific-city expat, who splits his time between performing with his groups Contento, La Jungla and Acid Coco,... Read Article

Under The Influence: Coreysan

By 16 October, 2020

Coreysan‘s upcoming project Deeper Than Skin is progeny of his cultural past and present. On the seven-track album, the Trinidad-born, Bristol-based musician finds his groove between the bass-driven rhythms and conversational story-telling of Caribbean dub and calypso, and... Read Article

Victor Rice – Drink

By 02 June, 2020

It is not every day the rocksteady beats of Jamaica find themselves in a down and funky mix with Brazilian samba.  Yet, that is the premise upon which New York-born, adopted paulistano, Victor Rice has been carving out a scene... Read Article